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je suis le seul de mon especes ^^ alors je m'occupe

voila certains sit ou je vais si d'autres en on je prend





pour les non anglouches s'abstenir pour ceux la ^^

n'en déplaise a certain voila


In order to make non-primary stat gems more compelling, Mists doubled the amount of secondary stats provided by gems. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really matter for feral, since agility is still three times better than any other stat. I’ve got a list of recommendations below, but you’ll want to gem for max agility UNLESS there’s an agility socket bonus you can pick up by matching colors. Epic gems are in the wowhead database, but I’m holding off on those for right now. Of course, if you’re a Jewelcrafter, use your supergems first.

Meta: Agile Primal Diamond.
Red: Delicate Primordial Ruby/Perfect Delicate Pandarian Garnet, 160 agi.
Purple (blue sockets): Glinting Imperial Amethyst/Perfect Glinting Roguestone, 80 agi/160 hit. Interestingly, there are no agi/exp gems (or X/exp gems of any kind, actually).
Orange (yellow sockets): Adept Vermilion Onyx/Perfect Adept Tiger Opal, 80 agi/160 mastery. Deadly (agi/crit) or Deft (agi/haste) are also options.


Here’s all the recommended enchants: I’ll try to go back and add in others if options present themselves. Having two crafting professions remains the best choice for optimum DPS. Not mentioned in the table is Alchemy (+320 agi from Mixology) and Jewelcrafting (2 gems that give +160 agi over their rare equivalents). Herbalism (2880 haste on-use ability) and Skinning (480 crit) bonuses are half as effective as those from the crafting professions; Mining (480 stamina) just helps you stay alive a bit longer.

Head No enchant
Neck No enchant
Shoulders Greater Tiger Claw Inscription (200 agi, 100 crit)
Inscription: Secret Tiger Claw Inscription (520 agi, 100 crit)
Chest Glorious Stats (80 all primary stats)
Waist Living Steel Buckle (gem socket)
Legs Shadowleather Leg Armor (285 agi, 165 crit)
Leatherworking: Primal Leg Reinforcements (cheap version)
Feet Blurred Speed (140 agi, +8% movespeed)
Wrists Greater Agility (170 agi)
Blacksmithing: Socket Bracer (gem socket, stacks with enchant)
Leatherworking: Fur Lining – Agility
Hands Superior Mastery (170 mastery), Superior Expertise (170 exp) or Greater Haste (170 haste)
Blacksmithing: Socket Gloves (gem socket, stacks with enchant)
Engineering: Synapse Springs (1920 agi proc, stacks with enchant)
Fingers Enchanting: Greater Agility (160 agi) x2
Back Superior Critical Strike (180 crit) or Accuracy (180 hit)
Tailoring: Swordguard Embroidery (4000 AP proc)
Main Hand Dancing Steel (1650 agi proc)
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